1. Machine machinery parts is 1 years under normally operating machine according to user manual.
(not include damagable spare parts and electronic spare parts).
2. Laser lens and mirrors warranty is 3 months.
3. Laser tube Reci brand warranty is 10 months according to WWW.RECILASER.COM manufacture.
(10000 working hours)
4. Laser tube EFR brand warranty is 10 months and 12 months according to WWW.BJEFR.COM manufacturer.
(F series and ZS series) 8000 working hours and 10000 working hours life span.
5. Electronic spare parts (motors and motherboard and laser power suply) warranty is 12 months.
6. Damagable spare parts for laser engraving machines(water pumps, water protective, red dot system, lens limit….will be sent to u free charge with machine.

1. During warranty, we can supply you spare parts freely.
2. We supply you technical support whole life on laser machine.
3. 24 hours online after sale service from Technical engineers.
4. Enginners to to abroad to give technical service.